double eyelid surgery in korea Plastic Surgery
July 16, 2019

Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

A common way to communicate nonverbally is through the eyes. The eyes are considered one of the main forms of body language used to connect with other people. Our eyes…
Plastic Surgery
July 11, 2019

Nose Plastic Surgery in Korea – Everything about Rhinoplasty

What is Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is generally referred to as a ‘nose job’. This procedure aims to correct any anatomical issues with your nose that may be causing you to distress…
Plastic Surgery
June 10, 2019

Breast Augmentation in Korea

A lot of women feel that breast augmentation cosmetic surgery has considerably enhanced their mental well-being in terms of sexuality, femininity, and self-confidence. After having implants, there are absolutely no…