Licensed Medical Tourism Company

Seoul Guide Medical is an incorporated legal entity in South Korea based in Seoul. Under Korean law, all documentation has been granted and a medical tourism certificate granted. SGM is fully insured as required by the National Korean Government.


Payment Policy

Payment for all procedures must be done before treatment starts.  Clinics normally accept: cash, bank transfer and credit card payments. If you are visiting us from outside Korea, please ensure your credit card company knows you will use it in Korea and have the appropriate limit set to cover your procedure fees. To ensure a surgery date, you will need to send in a deposit usually 10% of the total fee. Otherwise, your surgery date will not be guaranteed. Consultations are provided free of charge by Seoul Guide Medical and the deposit is to book a procedure day and time at your chosen clinic.


Refund Policy

If you do not undergo the treatment but have already paid, a refund will be provided at a rate of 90% as per Korean law as long as you cancel as least 2 days in advance. Please understand that clinics book specific times for your procedure and therefore cannot accept other customers at that time. Thus by cancelling without enough warning, the clinics stand to lose substantially. If you have undergone treatment, have started treatment, the fee paid is considered non-refundable under Korean law. For non-medical services such as package tours, transportation and so on, payments can be refunded only if the services are cancelled with 72 hours or more notice. No refund will be possible with notice shorter than 72 hours. Deposits sent in are non-refundable as those deposits are used to book a surgery date which means that block of time is not given to anyone else and clinics and hospitals will not return deposit payments.