What Is Seoul Guide Medical?

Seoul Guide Medical is Korea’s largest medical tourism service provider specializing in plastic surgery, skin care, dental, hair transplantation and more. SGM helps international patients to get this procedures and makes the process simple and easy.

Is SGM Fully Licensed And Government Approved?

Yes! Seoul Guide Medical is legally registered as a Korean company and has the Korean medical tourism license provided for by the Korean government. SGM also has a series of other licenses allowing it to do business across multiple categories in Korea. SGM is in good standing with all government agencies.

Why Should I Use An Agency?

Going through medical or beauty procedures on your own is difficult, even for people that live here. Having an expert guiding you and being by your side from start to finish makes the process simply and easy. Seoul Guide Medical also ensure that your procedures have the best possible outcome. We work hard to make sure you are choosing the best clinics, the best doctors and that they are focusing on you as they should. We are on your side.

Why Is SGM Different From Other Agencies?

Our motto is, ‘Happy Patients, Always’. Our role is to make things better for you. This is why we have grown to become the most trusted name in Korean medical tourism. You can see how our work has been recognized worldwide by CNN News, Rai News, NBC News, CBC News and a series of other trusted news outlets. We have almost 300 videos on Youtube showcasing our work and have worked with many celebrities over the years.  We are the only company here, as far as we know, with a Happiness Manager who is scored on a 200 point system used to quantitatively ensure the happiness of our patients. Our offices are open to you. You can come join us for a cup of tea or coffee and meet our team. There are over 2000 medical tourism agencies in Korea and we don’t know of any that will let you come to their offices and meet there team.

What Happens If There Is a Problem After I Leave Korea?

If there is a problem after you have left Korea, contact us and we will help you to resolve the problem. Every clinic is different and they each have different policies but we will do our best to communicate your concerns and try to help you as best as possible. Trying to do this on your own is very difficult. We are here as your advocate.

What Will SGM Do For Me?

We have a list of over 20 services that we provide to our customers but in general here is how it works

Is It More Expensive To Use Your Service?

If you are comparing apples to apples then no, it isn’t. The service is free to the patient. In most cases it is less expensive or about the same price if you use our service or if you go at it alone. Seoul Guide Medical has a full team that specializes in international patient care. We save the clinics a lot of time, money and ensure the patient leaves happy. The costs to clinics doing this by themselves is extremely high and the quality tends to be low. The clinic saves a lot of administration costs by using our service which is why they are happy to work with us. SGM collects a small payment from clinics as well as government funds. The end result is an equal or lower price for the patient.

Can I Get It Cheaper?

Yes and no. We negotiate on your behalf for reasonable pricing but there is a limit before clinics start to reduce services, provide less experienced doctors etc. An experienced expert doctor will not lower his/her value much. Every time a clinic reduces their pricing too far, services start being taken away. You get what you pay for. There are price ranges where your procedures should fit into and we will help you to maximize what you get for what you pay. If you simple don’t have the budget for the procedure you want and the only option is to go with lower quality clinics and lower quality doctors then our recommendation is to hold off and wait a bit more until you can get the best quality. Revision cases can be up to 3x more expensive than 1st time surgeries plus. It is better to do it right, the first time.

Will You Guarantee My Procedure?

At every clinic in Korea, you will have to sign a waiver form before being allowed to have the procedure. The waiver form releases the clinic from all legal liability. They will not guarantee your process and we can’t either. What we can do is ensure that they do their best and try to fix any problems that arise. Because we are the largest medical tourism service provider we are well known and respected in this field. By being one our patients, you immediately have a lot more power.