We have more than 10,000 patients and more than 27,000 treatments. Check out the amazing before and after photos of our patients.

Amber Stevens West

From Hollywood to Seoul

Amber took some time out of her Hollywood roles in movies like Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The Amazing Spider-Man and 22 Jump Street to get skin care through SGM.
Edward Avila rhinoplasty and filler seoul guide medical

Edward Avila

Rhinoplasty and More!

Celebrity Edward Avila came to us for his Rhinoplasty, fillers, Botox, skin treatments and more!
Check out his Korean plastic surgery before and after video for more information.
Miss world talent contestants at amoa skin clinic in seoul, korea

Miss World Talent Contestants

Chosen as their skin care provider

The Miss World Talent Competition chose Seoul Guide Medical as their skin care services provider. We ensured that all contestants had their beauty preparation skin treatments done in time for their grand competition held in Seoul.
Miss asia with seoul guide medical tourism

Honey Tian

Miss Asia 2017 Chooses SGM

Honey Tian chooses SGM to help her prepare for her competitions with our expert knowledge of Korean beauty care.
dental patients at oaks dental clinic with seoul guide medical

Thousands Served

Friendly Smiles

We help thousands of dental patients each year improve their dental health and improve their smiles. We are the #1 provider of dental services for international patients in Korea through the top dental clinic in Korea, the Oaks Dental Clinic.

Dental Whitening

A Brighter Smile

We can help to whiten your teeth in under 60 minutes! More information about Dental Clinic
lasik patient at s&B eye center in seoul, korea through seoul guide medical with tony medina

Laser Eye Surgery

No More Glasses

The process of laser eye surgery in Seoul is safe, fast and effective. This patient chose us to help her get her laser eye treatment and get rid of her glasses forever! More information about Eye surgery procedures.
dental veneers at oaks dental clinic through seoul guide medical

Dental Veneers

One Day Smile Makeover

Dental veneers can improve the shape, size and color of your teeth. We can improve your look in as little as one day!

Smile Makeover

All in One Day!

We can create a smile makeover plan to give you the look you always dreamed of. Although it can be done in as little as 1 day, having more time is preferable for a full smile makeover.

Annie Vu

Vietnamese Actress

Annie is a Vietnamese actress who always comes through Seoul Guide Medical when in Korea. She had rhinoplasty, fat grafting and other treatments through us.
double eyelid surgery in korea

Eyelid Procedures

Brighter Eyes

Double eyelid procedures can be combined with epicanthoplasty and lateral epicanthoplasty for bigger and brighter eyes.

Thousands of Eyelid Procedures

Beautiful Eyes

We have helped thousands of patients get the eyes they have always wanted.
ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty in korea with seoul guide medical

Eyelid Procedures

Ptosis Correction & Epicanthoplasty

Ptosis is a condition where the upper eyelid covers too much of your pupil. Here, we created a bigger, brighter eye look with ptosis correction and also performed epicanthoplasty on the inner corner of the eye to make it a bit wider and more in balance.
Haeppy We Fancy non-surgical rhinoplasty at seoul guide medical

Haeppy gets a New Nose

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty and More

Haeppy from the We Fancy Youtube channel had non-surgical rhinoplasty, dental, skin, laser eye surgeries and will soon undergo hair transplantation and double eyelid surgery through Seoul Guide Medical.
Natural breast augmentation with seoul guide medical and dodream plastic surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Korea Before and After

This patient requested natural, soft feeling breasts and our chosen doctor delivered. The success of a breast augmentation procedure is mostly determined by the skill of the doctor performing it. Let Seoul Guide Medical get you the results you demand.

Lisa Ring

From Germany to Korea

Youtube star Lisa ring flew to Korea to have rhinoplasty through Seoul Guide Medical.
Rydia Kim Seoul Guide Medical Plastic Surgery

Rydia Kim

Buccal Fat & Face Lifting

Rydia came to SGM to have thread lifting and buccal fat removal as well as other procedures.
Check out her ``Liposuction and Botox One Month Later `` video

Timothy Wehbe

From Sweden to Korea

Youtuber Timothy Wehbe had rhinoplasty and fat grafting through Seoul Guide Medical. Check out his before and after rhinoplasty surgery video
xander we fancy seoul guide medical skin care


Skin, Dental, Plastic Surgery

Xander from the We Fancy Youtube channel always comes through SGM for all his treatments. He's had skin treatments, rhinoplasty, dental and more with us.
lala gets skin treatment seoul guide medical


Skin Treatment

Social media star Lala always uses SGM when she is in Korea to get her skin looking her best. More details about skin care procedure

Profile Improvements

Live Better Today

Our patients get the results they are after. Face Contouring Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
nose job korea before and after

Rhinoplasty Story

A Beautiful Profile

We followed the process of Rhinoplasty with our patient at Answer Plastic Surgery. With a computerized simulation process, we make sure you get exactly the nose you want to have.


The Choice for Korean Models

Claudia is a former high end Korean model and owner of a modelling academy. Her and her students come from across the country through SGM for their beauty treatments.
SMILE lasik in korea

Dave Get's SMILE

Laser Eye Surgery

Dave is a celebrity in Korea and had SMILE laser eye surgery and skin treatment through Seoul Guide Medical.

From Switzerland to Korea

The Right Choice

We help patients from all over the world get treatment in Seoul, Korea.
MIss Slovakia Korean beauty Seoul Guide MEdical

Paulina Polly Pelyova

Miss Slovakia Chooses SGM

Miss Slovakia and Miss Super Talent of the World winner, Paulina chose SGM for her beauty treatments while in Korea.
before and after plastic surgery in korea seoul guide medical

Short Recover Time

Look Better, Faster

We always to improve the recovery time of our patient to get them looking their best, quickly. Get more details about Plastic surgery in korea

Breast Augmentation

A New Start - Breast Augmentation Before and After

We have access to the best breast augmentation doctors in Korea. This patient underwent a dramatic and beautiful transformation with Seoul Guide Medical at Dodream Plastic Surgery. More information about plastic surgery Korea

We Love Our Patients

We Are Here For You

Whatever your needs, we will do our best to meet them.


One Day Procedures

We have an extensive menu of non-surgical, one day treatments.

Korean Medical Tourism

1 Day May Be Enough

Depending on your case, one day may be enough to get your skin looking much better.


Objective Analysis

We have a facial scanning system which objectively determines the treatment plan you will need.

Face Contouring

Balance and Beauty

We have access to the best plastic surgeons to give you the kind of face shape you have always wanted.


Look Younger Today

We have all kinds of non-surgical anti-aging procedures available.

Face Countouring

A Lovely Life

We can improve your look this this patient with V line, zygoma reduction, mandible reduction face contouring.
v line surgery korea before and after

V-line Surgery

A New Look

We helped this patient with V line, zygoma reduction, mandible reduction face contouring surgery.

Male Plastic Surgery

Breaking Barriers

Men consist of 30-40% of all medical tourism patients these days with us.

Body Shaping

Inches Off Your Waist

We have procedures which can take inches off your waist with either the surgical or non-surgical methods.
Learn more about body contouring procedure.
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