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Double Eyelid Surgery in Korea

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A common way to communicate nonverbally is through the eyes. The eyes are considered one of the main forms of body language used to connect with other people. Our eyes represent a potential defining factor when it comes to deciding on overall attractiveness. Our eyes have many capabilities, and that includes the ability to perceive the world around us, as well as to communicate with and respond to an individual’s emotions and interest, through the periorbital structure of our eyes (Wang MD, and Spiegel, M.D, FACS, 2014). The average width between the eyes is 30mm-34mm, yet not all people have these measurements of their eyes genetically. Could technology allow anyone to have these standard measurements? How would that be possible?

The advancement of technology has given us an avenue to experience how we can make our lives more beautiful and comfortable. Nowadays, people never get tired of making things beautiful, due to the ever increasing standard of beauty. We tend to use filters and Photoshop to make changes and align it to our standards with the current trend.  People have a variety of reasons for editing themselves to fit within the beauty standards, and I believe a motivation that we have in common is that we want to show the best version of ourselves.

Plastic Surgery is one of the current trends of beauty in our society nowadays. According to the International Survey on Cosmetic Procedures (ISAPS) performed in 2009 retrieved from The Plastic Surgery Obsession in South Korea, South Korea has been ranked number one for the highest ratio of overall aesthetic surgical procedures, and is reported to have a total of 365,000 procedures, turning out to boast 74 proceedings in 2010, one of which is double eyelid surgery.

One way of making it possible is through double eyelid surgery. According to ISAPS, double eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, has been the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world, wherein 1.43 million people were reported to have had it done in just 2014.  Double eyelid surgery is a procedure that addresses a common physical trait, particularly within the Asian population, referred to as monolids.

Monolid eyes are eyes that do not have a crease on the upper eyelid. The surgery also fixes major problems concerning covered eyesight, festering, a sleepy appearance, and deteriorating eyesight. It is also a way for improving eyesight for those who suffer from sagging eyelids due to old age. Kim (2009) cited that millions of people undergo this procedure. Fifty percent of all women in their twenties received double eyelid surgery. Double eyelid surgery in Korea has been widely recognized because this kind of operation requires a fraction of the downtime many other procedures require.

In comparison to the cost of surgery in other countries, double eyelid surgery in Korea is much more economical among the competing countries. According to Kim Byung-gun, the head surgeon at BK Dong Yang Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul, costs for plastic surgery are now half of what they cost in the United States (Kim, 2009). This means, having double eyelid surgery in Korea is very attainable and possible for you to do.

You can have the shape you desire, with trusted and professional doctors. Furthermore, the procedure does have different types to suit your needs and bring the best results for you, such as:


  1. Full Incisional Method

Incisional method, the unnecessary fat, muscle and skin in your eyes will be removed altogether. This surgery removes and reconfigures the entire tissue of the eyelid. After the removal of unwanted fats, muscle and skin, your surgeon will extend the line of the eyelid further than the last third of the eye to create a more natural look.

  1. Buried Suture Method

The buried sutures method is a non-invasive, non-incision method that will help you to have natural looking double-eyelids. Small sutures are knotted above the eyes to create the folds. An interesting feature of this procedure is the possibility of the eyes to go back to their original shape, even after the surgery has been completed.

  1. Partial Incision Method

In order to lessen the fat and the skin tissues in the eyelid, small incisions are made in segments, or with gaps between each incision. With this procedure, in contrast to the full incision method where the lines will go beyond the last third measurement of the eyes, the small incision, or partial incision, will extend only up to the last third of the eyes.

On the other hand, double eyelid surgery in Korea has continuously been advancing with the different methods used for the procedure. According to Hwang Seok Kim, MD, Ph.D. et al. (2013)  there are more benefits of having double eyelid surgery using septo aponeurosis junctional thickening. SAJT fixation has the advantages of having the eyelid disappear smoothly without a fold depression downward gaze, or eyes closed.

It also hides the depressed scar formation on the fold line, or the skin under the eyelid. Furthermore, when opening the eyes, the upper eyelid will become more gentle-looking, as well have more similar skin tensions that will have been created between the upper and lower eyelids, which will give them a more natural look. They also added that double-eyelid surgery with SAJT fixation would help in creating dynamic double eyelid folds that will mimic the movement of your natural folds.

This is appealing, particularly for Asians, to have more vibrant and open double-eyelids. It would help you to achieve “smiling eyes”, which is a form of ‘smiling’ with your eyes. It will make you look like you’re genuinely happy, with a brighter look that will capture the attention of others and will make you stand out among everyone.

While some people don’t agree with plastic surgery and how the doctors alterate, or change an individual from what they used to be, Haeun Kim (2009) refute to the benefits of having double eyelid surgery in. The Head Surgeon of Dream Medical Group, Dr. Kim Sung Duk, says that having cosmetic surgery is more so about how people find the best ways to express themselves. He says that “If the patients long for certain facial characteristics, it is not actually about acquiring that feature that is important. It is about the satisfaction and happiness that comes from receiving the procedure that makes people receive plastic surgery”. This surgery would help many to boost their confidence and will make them feel more comfortable than they used to be.

Everyone’s beauty is a lifetime investment and could even serve as your legacy. As we grow, we have the ability to make changes according to our wants and needs. We all have varied reasons for trying to make ourselves beautiful inside and out. It may be due to peers, family, self-motivation, etc.


People may ask for your reasons and to validate your choices, but as long as you are proud you should not be afraid of anyone’s judgement. Show yourself from the shadow of shame and doubt, and look on the bright side of life. Do not constrain yourself with photo filters and Photoshop, and let yourself shine. What are you waiting for? Consult your doctor and be the best version of YOU.