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A lot of women feel that breast augmentation cosmetic surgery has considerably enhanced their mental well-being in terms of sexuality, femininity, and self-confidence. After having implants, there are absolutely no increased risks of developing breast cancer.

What is breast augmentation?

Well, simply put, it is cosmetic surgery to increase the size and shape of the breast, typically by placing saline or silicone breast implants. From the surgeon’s perspective, the primary objective of this procedure is to increase or enhance the natural proportions of the patient in order to create symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing breast implant profile.

Typically, surgeons make substantial efforts to tailor the procedure. In this way, the individual needs of a woman are met appropriately.

Women choose this cosmetic procedure for varying reasons – for instance, one of them is having larger breasts. The surgical procedure is an effective approach to appropriately correct breast asymmetry. In addition, the implants are sometimes also used for the correction of tuberous breast deformities.

Some common goals of breast augmentation are the restoration of breast fullness that is lost during or after pregnancy, feeling self-confidence in fitting clothes like fitness tops, adding balance to complement curvy hips, as well as enhance self-image.

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Breast Augmentation in Korea

The scientific community, including doctors, physicians, and other health professionals, have worked over the years to create a sophisticated cosmetic surgical procedure for Asian bodies.

Since there are many types of breast implants, it is important to know the best types of breast implants or augmentation procedure available in South Korea. In Korea, there are three popular types of implants – all three are used widely and have been found successful in Asian breast augmentation.

They are 1). Smooth Round Type, 2). Textured Round Type, 3). Textured Teardrop Type. Textured type breast implants are often called “Gummy Bear” Implants in the western countries because of the feel of its texture. They are made up of cohesive silicone gel – approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

During the process of consultation, the patient will know the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Also, there isn’t any “set in stone” formula for everyone. Nonetheless, plastic surgeons have a lot of experience with Asian breast augmentation by the world’s standards, they will recommend the best type for the patient’s case.

In addition, Korea breast plastic surgery mainly focuses on balancing the right and left after scanning the patient’s breasts as well as matching the size of the right and the left breast.

Likewise, there are other sophisticated techniques and/or approaches such as “breast lift + breast implant” method Korean plastic surgeons usually opt for endoscopic augmentation for minimal bruising and swelling. For Asian women, the most suitable implant size is between 125CC and 250CC.


breast augmentation in korea

Why you should get breast augmentation in Korea

The desire of women for the toned and beautiful body will never end. Many women show interest in breast surgeries because this body area holds a significant value to perfecting their shape. The ideal season for breast augmentation in Korea is winter because it is less likely to have side effects – for instance, infection, inflammation, etc.

Korea breast plastic surgery and breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is the best procedure that every woman – whether Asian, European, African or belonging to other parts of the world must think of it once in a lifetime.

Breast augmentation clinics in Korea use the best techniques and implants that are approved by the FDA. So, because of such high-quality, every woman must consider getting breast implants.

For the last decade, there has been a sophisticated increase in demanding of breast augmentation as well as implant CC volume. Ten years ago, it was about 180-220CC volume used in Korea breast augmentation. However, now, the normal volume is 280-320cc. After breast augmentation, you get high-quality results by post-operative care. In Korea, you will find the best post-operative clinics in order to enhance your implants further.

Therefore, breast augmentation in Korea has its own customized post-operative program, which is based on the condition of the individual – leading to faster recovery and up to the mark results.

Breast augmentation cost in Korea

There are many breast augmentation clinics in Korea for both Asian and international patients. You can choose any clinic depending upon the requirements, needs, and/or budget. In Korea, doctors and surgeons have performed over 90,000 breast augmentation cosmetic surgeries for over two decades without any complications.

Over 70,000 international patients choose clinics in South Korea annually due to high-quality and VIP-level service, which yield excellent results. In most clinics, doctors use Motiva, which are high-quality implants yet affordable in cost. Such implants have the capability to shape the body position of a woman completely.

Likewise, they ensure for women the maximum natural result. The breast augmentation cosmetic surgery at Korea starts from $3500 up to $13000. The procedure usually involves the surgical procedure, implants, accommodation, language assistance, transfer, consultation, and post-operative care. Despite the top-class service, clinics in Korea offer reasonable breast augmentation surgical procedure – this is the reason a lot of foreigners prefer getting surgeries here.

In conclusion, breast augmentation can be a very expensive endeavor. Many people travel abroad for nips and tucks – but Korea is your go-to destination for medical tourism as clinics there well-trained physicians and technology to give you the best result.

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