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The cheekbone’s shape can be considered as a huge factor in defining a person’s looks. If the cheekbones are too wide it can make for a displeasing balance between the facial features and the body.Well, worry no more because the plastic surgery capital of the world has got you covered with their cheekbone surgery.

As experienced as the surgeons may be in the procedure, there are still things to consider before getting a cheekbone surgery since this surgery will alter your appearance semi-permanently.

What is Cheekbone Surgery?

cheekbone reduction surgery

Cheekbone surgery is also known as cheekbone reduction surgery and Zygoma Reduction Plasty. It is a procedure done to patients who desire their face, particularly their cheekbones, to be modified. This surgery has risen in popularity among Asians because their cheekbones are inherently wider as compared to people coming from the west. The procedure is generally performed in the cheek area. As of lately, there have been innovations in the methods wherein an individual may choose to have the surgery from the inside of the mouth so that effects may not be noticeable.

Is it for me?

If you are not satisfied with your cheekbone because of its broadness, then you might be a candidate for the cheekbone surgery. If you are contemplating getting a cheekbone surgery, then read along to see if you meet the criteria.

The best individuals for the procedure are those who have the following characteristics:

  • Those that have a narrow face and broad cheeks.
  • Those that are at their ideal weight.
  • Those who are in good overall health.
  • Those who are not satisfied with his or her chubby cheeks.
  • Those that have a realistic expectation of the results of the surgery.
  • Those that do not smoke.

If you meet specific points of the criteria, then it’s time to consider if the procedure is worth it with regards to its cost.

Is it worth the money?

cheekbone surgery

If you are an eligible candidate for the cheekbone surgery and you happen to decide that you are going to continue with the procedure, it will cost you around USD 900- USD 14,000. The cost may also vary depending on the method and techniques used. Another factor to consider as well will be the difficulty of the person’s case. If this is within your budget, continue reading to see what the entire procedure will entail.

Before The Cheekbone Surgery

Cheekbone surgery is also considered as a major surgery which requires patients to follow strict surgery preparation instructions from the doctor. There are a few preparations before you undergo the cheek surgery.

First, patients are not allowed to eat or drink at least six hours before the start of the operation.

Second, it is not advisable to take aspirin, anti-inflammatory, and herbal medication approximately two weeks before the schedule of the operation.

Third, smoking is prohibited at least four weeks before the procedure, and alcoholic beverages must not be ingested two days before the surgery. On the other hand, Arnica and Vitamin C are considered great additions to your daily intake two weeks before and after the procedure because these will aid during the healing process.

Cheekbone Surgery Procedure

Before the patient undergoes surgery, a CT scan or x-ray is performed, which will act as the doctor’s guide in knowing which technique to use during the operation. For cheekbone surgeries, general anesthesia is the most common type of anesthesia being used.

Since they will be using anesthesia, you would be unconscious during the whole process. The procedure may take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or more depending on the complexity of the patient’s case. The patient may also be required to stay in the hospital for several days.

The procedure for cheekbone surgery starts with the surgeon making an incision at the scalp just beside the patient’s ear.

Once the cheekbones have been cut, the force of the periosteum is used for the bones to attach back naturally on its own. Then the surgeon rotates the cheekbone inward. When the bone has been placed, screws and plates are attached.

Once the desired position is achieved, the surgeon pulls the surrounding skin and muscles so that it adheres to the bone and prevents sagging. Then everything is sealed with sutures and bandages.

The techniques used will vary between individuals as it is modified depending on the needs of the patient. In some cases, techniques can be combined when the need arises.


Effects after the surgery

A reputable individual should perform cheekbone surgery. It is noteworthy to mention that when experts perform the surgery, most procedures have resulted in desirable outcomes.

On another note, you should also consider that every individual’s reaction to the operation may vary.

Specific side effects of cheekbone surgery include bleeding, infection, anesthesia risks, hematoma, skin discoloration, scarring, and pain. Before the surgery, the doctor will always tell you everything you need to know after the operation has been performed.

To conclude, cheekbone surgery’s rise in popularity has male and females scrambling to get the procedure. This procedure is meant for those who have broad cheekbones and are in good physical health.

It alters the cheekbones and rotates them inwards to achieve the famous Asian soft cheekbones. There are also varying techniques used based on what the patient needs depending on his or her cheekbone structure.

The before and aftercare is also a significant factor to be considered since it can cause the risks involved in the procedure. The strict guidelines should be followed to achieve a smooth cheekbone surgery experience as well as the final desired appearance of the cheekbone.

Given all this, Is zygoma reduction surgery what you need?

Is it the method you are looking for to achieve that more prominent, refined look that you have been dreaming of? Should you decide to have the surgery, keep in mind that it is major surgery and is the most serious of all plastic surgeries.

Make sure that you feel confident in your surgeons’ abilities and have one who is experinced in the procedure, such as many South Korean surgeons.

They perform this surgery on thousands and even millions of people every year. I hope this information has helped inform you about all things surrounding zygoma reduction surgery.

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