Going‌ ‌to‌ ‌South‌ ‌Korea‌ ‌During‌ ‌Corona-Virus‌ ‌Without‌ ‌Quarantine‌ ‌ - Seoul Guide Medical

If you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you are no longer required to do a quarantine upon arrival to South Korea.

Effective June 8, 2022, South Korean government is to lift its quarantine requirement for unvaccinated overseas arrivals. Foreign arrivals without vaccination will no longer be required to go through a 7-day quarantine. This updated measure will apply to the Korean national as well as foreigners visiting Korea. However, PCR tests or rapid antigen tests prior to entering the country and additional PCR test within 3 days of arrival will still be required.

In addition, also starting from June 8, with the lift of regulations on international flight schedules, operation of Incheon airport will return to normal.

  • More flights will be provided to overseas travelers
  • Airport will be operated on a 24-hour schedule

* Regarding the Q-Code (Quarantine Information Advance Input System), which was implemented to shorten time and provide convenience to the overseas visitors, please click here.

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