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Facial feminization surgery is an excellent procedure for transgender women and females because it helps them feel a sense of belonging in society. In today’s time, your facial appearance matters so much when it comes to the social aspect of life. Everyone wants to belong in a way that they are comfortable with and in a way that shows their true identity. With the help of facial feminization surgery, women and transgender women who have problems with gender dysphoria can now reveal their true identity.

Facial Feminization in Korea

What is Facial Feminization, and to whom is it applicable?

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a group of cosmetic procedures that reconstruct facial features that appear masculine and alter them to become more feminine. This procedure can alter both soft tissues as well as the facial bone to achieve more feminine-looking facial features. Some of the procedures included in facial feminization surgery are: 

These procedures make a face look softer and more feminine by creating a more pointed chin, a less angular nose tip, and changing the shape of the skull. 

A facial feminization surgery can even be considered as a solution to women who want to have their masculine features softened to look feminine. This is also to get rid of gender dysphoria, especially in transgender women. Gender dysphoria, which, according to Dr. Agostini and his coauthors, is a “discomfort and distress arising from a discrepancy between a person’s gender identity and sex assigned at birth.” In some instances, facial feminization surgery is considered more vital than sex reassignment surgeries. This is because it does more to help transgender women incorporate themselves into society as females. The foremost benefit of this procedure is the treatment of gender dysphoria in both women and transgender women. Some of the other benefits include an increase in confidence, having a sense of belongingness in society, and being comfortable in one’s own body. 

How is it done?

Not every person will need to undergo a full facial feminization as each person has his or her needs to gain the right results. Most, however, will undergo the procedures that involve bone reconstruction.

The duration of the surgery depends on the procedures that will be done on the patient. This involves non-invasive and invasive procedures for bone and soft tissue alterations anywhere from dermal fillers, fat grafting, implants, and bone reconstruction. As with every plastic surgery procedure, this should also be done by a licensed plastic surgeon. The steps during a facial feminization include the following: 


Depending on the FFS procedure to be done, the surgeon can give either local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or local anesthesia paired with IV sedation. For non-invasive procedures or more straightforward procedures like dermal fillers, anesthesia may not be needed unless the patient requests it. 

Core FFS Procedures

  • Rhinoplasty

Bone and cartilage are altered to produce a more petite nose with a slight curve. 

  • Cheek augmentation

The cheeks are feminized by defining them through fat grafting or by placing implants on the cheekbone. 

  • Jaw and Chin Contouring

As compared to a male jaw and chin that are more angled and square, a female jaw and chin are more pointed and refined. This is done by either adjusting the bone and tissue or reducing a part of the bone in the jaw and chin area. 

  • Tracheal Shave 

This is also known as the Adam’s Apple, and it is reduced to eliminate a masculine appearance. 

  • Hairline Advancement

The hairline is moved forward, and the peaks are removed to create a more rounded hairline, which is typical for females. 

  • Soft Tissue procedures 

These procedures are only done in conjunction with the core FFS procedures to enhance the results and are not perceived to signify the gender of one’s facial features. 

    1. brow lifting 
    2. eyelid surgery
    3. face and neck lift

How long does it take to recover from FFS?

The duration of recovery from a facial feminization surgery depends on the procedure/s that was done. For core FFS procedures, swelling and bruising is expected right after the surgery and may be resolved after one to two weeks. Since this is major surgery, you are highly advised to slow down with your daily activities for two weeks.

You should avoid any strenuous activities and take time off work to rest and recover properly. Your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics and pain medication, which you have to take diligently. For swelling and bruising, a cold compress is a great way to help reduce it. When going outside, make sure to wear sunblock or protective clothing for nine months to avoid any damage that the sun can cause. 

Facial Feminization Before and After

The results of a facial feminization surgery take time to be visible. Usually, you can see 80% of the outcome by three months. At six months to a year, the results will have set fully, and you will be able to see your final appearance. Just like in the before and after pictures below, you can see that the patients’ appearance looks more feminine after undergoing facial feminization surgery. Their face shows much smoother and more petite features that make them look more feminine as compared to before.

To conclude, facial feminization surgery can offer an effective transformation from a masculine appearance to a softer and more feminine one. It involves a group of procedures divided into the core FFS procedures and soft tissue procedures. The core FFS procedures are more on altering the bones, while soft tissue procedures are only conjunct procedures that help enhance the appearance. One of the most significant benefits of an FFS is the treatment of gender dysphoria. With the issue gone, patients who undergo this procedure can feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies. 

Just like any plastic surgery, for this to have successful and effective results, it should be done by a well-experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. If you are someone who wants to undergo this procedure safely, contact Seoul Guide Medical through our website. We have plastic surgeons who are well-known and are internationally acclaimed when it comes to various plastic surgery procedures. They never fail to produce results that are of high standards. 


Can Facial Feminization also be done on the female gender?

A facial feminization surgery is currently done mostly on transgender women or males that want to transition into females. However, this can also be done on females who wish to feminize some of their facial features that look masculine.

How long until can I see the results after facial feminization surgery?

How long until the results of a facial feminization surgery can become visible depends on the procedure/s that was done. Usually, it will take three months to a year for you to see stable and full results.

Is Facial Feminization surgery permanent?

The results after a facial feminization surgery can be temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent, depending on the procedure that was done. If the procedure altered the bones, then most likely, it will produce a lasting result. If the procedure used dermal fillers, fat grafting, or implants, it will either give a semi-permanent or temporary outcome.

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