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There are times when you get frustrated with your belly on how flabby it gets (especially in women after pregnancy), and how you just can’t get rid of it no matter how much you exercise or go on diet control. If you want it to be tucked away forever, why don’t you consider having it surgically removed? It might be scary when you hear “surgical”, as it involves needles and whatnots, but don’t fret, for the Seoul Guide Medical team will guide you along the way to that fat-free belly with the clinically safe Tummy Tuck Surgery in Korea.

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Tummy Tuck is the common name for what is medically known as Abdominoplasty. Tummy Tuck Surgery is a form of plastic surgery in Korea, wherein excess fat and skin are removed, and stretched, weakened abdominal muscles are restored to create a flatter, firmer, and smoother abdominal profile.

Excess skin will form with substantial weight loss or removal of large amounts of fat. This often happens after giving birth or to those who have suddenly lost a huge amount of weight. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can create a shaped and flattened tummy that most patients desire.

Many of us strive for a flat and well-toned abdomen through exercise and weight control. Sadly, these methods are just not enough to achieve our body goals. With modern-day techniques of plastic surgery in Korea, fat can be reduced by liposuction; however, liposuction alone does not get rid of saggy skin. Fortunately, in most cases, Tummy Tuck surgery in Korea is often combined with liposuction, which can surely guarantee your perfect stomach contour.

Interestingly, even individuals of otherwise normal body weight and proportion can develop an abdomen that protrudes or is characterized as loose and droopy. The most common causes of excessive belly fat, other than pregnancy and sudden weight loss, may include:

Types of Tummy Tuck Surgery

To achieve optimal results, tummy tuck surgery in Korea is often paired with liposuction. After a comprehensive evaluation by our board-certified plastic surgeons, the surgical method is chosen from the different types of abdominoplasty based on the patients’ aesthetic goals and body needs. This includes full (general), mini, circumferential, extended, and reverse tummy tuck surgeries offered by our partner clinics in Korea.

Overall Tummy Tuck

This is the traditional and most general tummy tuck surgery. It is ideal for those who have high abdominal obesity wanting to reduce overall fat and skin around the abdomen. This type of abdominoplasty involves cutting the lower abdomen where the suture will be done between the right and left pelvic bones.

Mini Tummy Tuck

This is ideal for body types wherein there is mild to moderate sagging of the lower abdomen. It is also called Endoscopic Mini Abdominoplasty. Compared to general tummy tucks, the incision line is smaller and just made under the navel area, which allows the belly button to remain in place.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck

Also known as “body lift”, it is a 360° abdominoplasty that is usually performed on patients who have lost a great deal of weight and now have loose and saggy skin around their entire body (from the lower back to buttocks). The incision is made all around the waistline.

Extended Tummy Tuck

This type is indicated when the loose skin extends into the flank area (lower sides below the waist laterally). The suture is made just near the pubic region that can be hidden under your underwear. This extended tummy tuck surgery can enhance your abdominal muscle and improve the body contour of the whole belly.

Reverse Tummy Tuck

This is for those who experience upper abdominal bulging only. In this case, the skin under the breast is cut and the abdomen skin is lifted. Faint scarring caused by the surgery can be naturally covered by the under-breast.

The Tummy Tuck Procedure in Korea

Our body-contouring specialist will carefully consult each patient, assessing their body type, age, skin elasticity, and abdominal fascia. The result of an in-depth consultation, with customized planning and counseling, will help the patients attain their body goals.

A series of laboratory and diagnostic tests will be performed before surgery. As abdominal obesity affects each individual differently, a precise body contouring design and surgery plan will be created by our chosen reputable surgeons from only the best and most renowned clinics in Korea, reflecting the patient’s goals and unique bodily features. Abdominoplasty is often combined and performed simultaneously with Liposuction in Korea to effectively remove fat tissues and create a smoother finish.

As stated before, there are various types of Tummy Tuck surgeries in Korea, but there are essentially 4 fundamental procedural steps a typical abdominoplasty follows.

The 4-Step Surgical Process of Abdominoplasty

This form of plastic surgery in Korea involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall.

Generally, abdominoplasty follows these steps after proper pre-op preparations and induction of general or local anesthesia with deep sedation.

Liposuction is often used to refine the transition zones of the abdominal sculpture. Necessary dressings will be applied and sometimes a compression garment is recommended after surgery to prevent the skin from sagging. Oftentimes, excess fluid is drained away from the surgical site with temporary tubings. This is to prevent fluid accumulation (seroma) that occurs in almost 20% of the patients. Scarring from the incision is inevitable but, don’t worry, as our top Korean plastic surgeons are experts in designing surgical plans where scarring is so minimal it naturally becomes invisible.

Essential Surgery Information

Post-op care given by our staff after your Tummy Tuck Surgery in Korea may include treatments to help relieve swelling and manage inflammation. As well as topical treatments to prevent further scarring and pigmentation. The results of abdominoplasty are long-lasting as long as the patient makes sure to maintain a proper diet and weight. During the recovery period, patients, as much as possible, must avoid doing strenuous activities and lifting heavy objects; although light exercise is alright to help speed recovery.

Here at Seoul Guide Medical, we provide you with premium intensive care and we make sure your follow-up visits are fulfilled to make your treatment worth the price.

For Whom is the Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Abdominoplasty is recommended for:

  • Those who have excessive skin laxity and want to remove flabs following pregnancy.
  • Those who want a toned abdomen and a curved body.
  • Those with rectus muscle divarication (separation of the ‘six pack’ muscles due to pregnancy)
  • Those who have average to intense abdominal obesity
  • Those who have a drooping and weak abdomen from loss of elasticity and relaxation of muscle tissue, may it be due to aging or prior surgery
  • Those who have a loss of elasticity recovery from intense weight control
  • Those who desire to remove uneven/lumpy belly fat and refine skin after liposuction as an additional body contouring surgery

Take note that patients must be physically healthy and are at a stable weight to undergo Tummy Tuck Surgery in Korea. It is also best if patients have realistic and specific goals for their bodies. We will gladly help you in your journey to no flabs, just that toned belly. Contact us and consult with the best specialists that can perform optimal plastic surgery in Korea and provide you with in-depth consultations and a personalized surgery plan that is right for you.

Check out one of our client’s successful surgery story performed by one of our partner clinics in Korea.

Benefits of Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

This form of plastic surgery in Korea, the Tummy Tuck procedure, can improve your quality of life. Physically, it will strengthen your core and aesthetically, it will give you a more toned abdomen resulting in a slimmer and more refined look.

At times, Tummy Tuck surgery is associated with the so-called “Mommy Makeover”, more so that it helps women restore their figure after pregnancy. Although abdominoplasty in Korea is popularly known for its cosmetic benefits, it can also provide medical benefits such as:

Tummy Tuck surgery (abdominoplasty), however, is not a substitute for weight loss or an appropriate exercise program. Although the results of a tummy tuck are technically permanent, the supposed to be long-lasting results can be greatly diminished by significant fluctuations in weight due to improper aftercare.

You may have been overwhelmed by a lot of information regarding abdominoplasty, but rest assured that Tummy Tuck Surgery is one of the top plastic surgeries in Korea and is proven clinically safe and effective. Although risks and complications are always possible, Abdominoplasty in Korea is both aesthetically and medically beneficial. Don’t hesitate to contact and consult with us about Tummy Tuck Surgery. Let Seoul Guide Medical be your partner in achieving your body goals here in Seoul, Korea.


How much does Tummy Tuck Surgery in Korea Cost?

The trend of getting plastic surgery in Korea increases year by year. One of the factors will be the affordable prices it offers. Though the cost depends on a variety of factors such as the level of expertise of the surgeons, the surgical method used, and the body area the surgery encompasses, Tummy Tuck surgery can start from $5,000 and can reach up to $30,000; as sometimes, it is combined with other body contouring surgeries such as liposuction.


How long should I stay in Korea for my Tummy Tuck Surgery?

It is recommended to stay after your plastic surgery in Korea for about 10 – 14 days. This is for your follow-up visits, removal of stitches, and for us to focus properly on your after-care that is necessary after undergoing Abdominoplasty in Korea.


What are the significant side effects that can happen to me following surgery?

With any major plastic surgery in Korea, side effects are unavoidable but they can be minimized. For abdominoplasty, the region where the skin is incised can be inflamed and bruised for a week. The skin and tissues can harden from scar tissue formation but fortunately, it will gradually subside with time. It will, however, take a few months for your body to fully heal and eliminate hardened scar tissues.

Risk and complications can be encountered by the patients undergoing abdominoplasties such as bleeding, infection, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and fluid accumulation. It is recommended to keep active and go on light exercises to speed one’s recovery.

You will not need to worry if you choose Seoul Guide Medical as your partner in your plastic surgery journey in Korea. We focus on your well-being before and after your surgery, making sure side effects are well tolerated and at a minimum. If ever you would consider undergoing Tummy Tuck Surgery in Korea, consult with us today!


How much fat can be removed?

The amount of fat that should be removed must be in moderation because a gratuitous amount of fat removal is not necessarily healthier nor aesthetically pleasing. The standard amount of fat that can be removed is approximately 5 – 6 liters (11-12 pounds). It is important to determine how much fat removal is required depending on the skin type and the body condition (e.g. BMI) so that the surface of the skin does not look out of proportion. Consult with the Seoul Guide Medical team to know what is right for you!

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