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Simple. South Korea is the best country to offer affordable, top-quality, and various types of plastic surgery procedures you need. It has been proven in surveys and data that South Korea doesn’t disappoint with its services when it comes to beauty and skincare. It has even already reached the Western side of the world! It might be curiosity or sheer enthusiasm to undergo plastic surgery in South Korea. However, there is no doubt that you will leave without regrets, and you will still come back for more.

Whether you like it or not, “The Hallyu Wave” has swept over the hearts of individuals worldwide, influencing Korea’s medical tourism to boost. South Korea has invested enormous time and money in building state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment and honing credible human resources. This ensures Korean medical services are up to par with the global beauty industry. Hence the establishment of medical tourism agencies and Seoul Guide Medical, a government-certified medical tourism service provider, is considered the top and the most trusted.

When South Korea started accepting international medical tourists, many tourists from 200 countries visited South Korea to access medical services, mainly plastic surgery procedures. Since then, it has been gradually increasing, as most health restrictions have been lifted after the pandemic. The country is now expecting many travelers from different parts of the world. The government has heightened the policies to enhance safety and protection for foreigners seeking cosmetic plastic surgery. When you partner with Seoul Guide Medical, you are guaranteed to be secured. We help you from your pre-visit consultation and airport pick-up to your accommodation.

South Korea has emerged as a potential powerhouse of surgical procedures. It has become a global medical leader in the cosmetic industry because the government has invested significantly in top-notch equipment and technologies, innovative treatments, and well-skilled doctors. Now, Korea’s plastic surgery technology and services have become a global standard. Korean plastic surgeons are even spearheading clinical studies and writing medical textbooks for the rest of the world on the topic!

Nowadays, we are looking for ways to get the best of both worlds in terms of quality and affordability. Amazingly, Korea’s plastic surgery services offer both. You can still achieve that natural-looking profile you’ve dreamed of having at a very reasonable price. Seoul Guide Medical partners with all the top hospitals for your convenience and offers the best prices in the market. With our cutting-edge customer service and highly qualified doctors, you’re all set for an Avant-grande experience only in South Korea.

Dive in with us as we walk you through a thorough discussion of your most frequently asked questions.

Is it challenging to get plastic surgery in Korea?

While it is no doubt that South Korea’s splendid array of plastic surgery services is known worldwide, language and cultural barriers exist. That is why Seoul Guide Medical is here to assist you. Your goal to get plastic surgery in Korea would not be as tricky as they say, for we offer a very convenient way to get the job done.

Seoul Guide Medical is true to its mission of providing only the finest services to make your trip and stay here in Korea as easy as possible. We offer pre-visit online consultations, so you can learn more about the benefits you will receive. Your beauty goals are within reach once you choose us as your service provider for your plastic surgery procedure in South Korea.

We also provide translation services so that you can talk to us more comfortably. We will help you every step of the way. We will be responsible for booking your desired clinic after your consultation and answering any other questions you might have in mind. We deliver the best results with our well-trained staff and professional consultants. We provide customized medical services just for you. We can discuss your plans and goals in a reliable medical environment to make you feel at ease and relaxed.

What are the most popular plastic surgery procedures in South Korea?

South Korea has been dubbed “Plastic Surgery Capital” globally, having the highest-ranking individuals undergoing plastic surgery. Indeed, Korea has established its brand of plastic surgery where the success rate of procedures is guaranteed. With this, the association of doctors and researchers with the government’s support has given much regard to developing high levels of medical technology and continuous research on innovative plastic surgery techniques.

Among the most popular plastic surgery procedures done in South Korea are Eyelid Surgery, Jaw Reduction (V-Line Surgery), Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), Breast Augmentation, and even body contouring surgeries! What’s even better? Seoul Guide Medical offers all of this and a whole lot more. Check here for a detailed list of the most popular plastic surgeries South Korea can provide you with.

Is it cheaper to get plastic surgery in Korea?

Korea has state-of-the-art facilities, clinically safe and effective procedures that produce minimal side effects, and exceptionally skilled plastic surgeons that are globally renowned. Apart from these, one of the most critical aspects is the affordable cost of its procedures. This sensible pricing is what attracts thousands of patients worldwide.

Availing plastic surgeries may take a toll on one’s finances as you might have to spend thousands. That is why reasonable pricing seems to be the first motivation for medical tourists to go to South Korea to avail of medical services, mainly plastic surgery for reconstructive or cosmetic purposes.

The average price for plastic surgeries in South Korea is more affordable than in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other significant countries performing plastic surgeries. The cost depends on various factors, such as the level of expertise of the surgeons, the surgical method used, and the body area the surgery encompasses. It may start at about 800 USD for simple, minor procedures and may soar up to 30,000 USD when combined methods are performed. Due to the constant improvement of technologies, Korean plastic surgery is considered the most advanced globally in terms of safety and effectiveness, resulting in a more natural-looking profile.

Seoul Guide Medical is right here for you. Partner with us and experience smooth-sailing medical service at a very affordable price in South Korea. We will let you know what procedures are the best for you and help you book your desired clinic that can cater to your surgical needs. Consult with our specialists today!

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