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Square jaw reduction surgery is an excellent procedure to undergo for someone who has been struggling with a wide-angled jaw, especially in women. In Korea, there has been a growing trend of having a V-shaped jawline. This kind of face shape is popular for it brings youthfulness and makes the contours of the face look smoother. A square jaw is known to be more of a male characteristic, which makes a person look strong and intimidating. If you are someone who does not like your square jaw, read on to know more about the square jaw reduction surgery and if this procedure is the correct option to achieve a smoother jawline. 

What is Square Jaw Reduction Surgery?

Square jaw reduction surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure for both men and women that are responsible for reducing the width of the lower face and altering a square or angled jaw into a slimmer, V-line shaped one. Because this deals with uneven face shapes, and the surgical area is near the veins of the neck, it is considered as a high-level kind of plastic surgery procedure that requires precise techniques and skills. This procedure is usually combined with other contouring surgeries for the face like a zygoma reduction, masseter muscle reduction, or genioplasty (chin augmentation) to gain optimum results, as well as better facial balance and symmetry. 

Having a square or angled jaw conveys a more masculine appearance, which is common among East Asians. Prominent jawlines are usually caused by either muscle component, bone component, or both. One reason why a jaw becomes prominent is because of the overdeveloped masseter muscles that are due to too much chewing, clenching, and grinding. 

Benefits of Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

Having a square jaw reduction surgery can be beneficial for some, especially those who are not satisfied with how the lower part of their face looks. It is also a distinguished surgical procedure for women who feel they look masculine because of a wide jaw. Some of the benefits of this procedure include: 

  • Having a more contoured jawline 
  • For females, it makes them look more feminine 
  • Makes a face narrow, to achieve a V-line shaped face 
  • Lifts and firms the sagging parts of the lower face

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery procedure

Since a square jaw reduction surgery is major surgery, the anesthesia being administered is general anesthesia, which sedates the patient throughout the procedure. General anesthesia is a must because the surgeon needs to be accurate in doing the process to achieve the symmetrical shape and avoid the nerve system along the neck. The patient being in a deep sleep will help the surgeon work undisturbed since the patient is relaxed and still. The duration of a procedure can range from 1-2 hours or more depending on the patient’s case. The following are the steps during a square jaw reduction surgery:

  1. The surgeon first assesses the bone structure of the patient through x-rays or a digital imaging scan. 
  2. They then design the surgery plan and show the patient the outcome of the procedure through a computer simulation. 
  3. During the procedure, they access the jaw bone at the back of the ear or through intraoral (inside the mouth) incisions. 
  4. They then sculpt the bone and remove the part that causes the square jaw. 
  5. Once the jaw bone has been sculpted to its new shape, the skin and muscles are pulled to prevent sagging. 
  6. The doctor then sutures the incisions and covers them with a bandage for additional protection.  

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Recovery

After a jaw reduction surgery, the patient will need to stay in the clinic for several hours to one day for monitoring and post-surgery treatment. During the first few days to a week, it is a must that you take a rest and elevate your head when sleeping or lying down. There will be swelling and bruising, especially in the first three days after the procedure. It is a must that you apply cold compress on the areas that are swelling and take the prescribed medications if there are any.

After a week or two, you will be scheduled for a follow-up checkup to the clinic and the removal of the stitches if they did not use dissolvable sutures. For one to four weeks, it is expected that you avoid strenuous activities. It is also highly discouraged that you smoke or drink alcohol for at least four weeks after undergoing the square jaw reduction surgery, as this may bring about complications and can negatively alter your results and slow down your recovery.

Square Jaw Reduction Surgery Before and After

The square jaw reduction surgery is an effective procedure that corrects asymmetrical, angular, and square jaws. After having the procedure, patients can see an improvement in their facial appearance and how the contoured lower area of the face makes them look more feminine or how their face looks softer. Within six to nine months, the results will have a full set, and your face will have healed completely. Just like in the before and after pictures below, you could see a significant change in the patient’s appearance and how much better they appear with a reduced jawline.

Having a youthful appearance and a perfect face shape is everyone’s desire. Through a square jaw reduction surgery, this is possible due to the procedure’s capability in reducing the jaw’s width through a surgical procedure, which sculpts and removes the bones. When combined with other facial contouring procedures, a jaw reduction can produce the perfect face shape.

As jaw reduction is major surgery and high-level in this case, it is a must that this is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well experienced in the procedure. Within a minimum of an hour or two, you will be able to achieve the face shape that you have always desired. When it comes to recovery, an adequate amount of rest is needed for faster healing as well as strict implementation of your surgeon’s after-surgical care instructions. 

If you are someone who wants to improve your appearance through a better face shape and face contours, then this surgical procedure could be right for you. The best way to know more about a square jaw reduction and if you are qualified to have one is through a consultation with your doctor. At Seoul Guide Medical, we can provide you with the best plastic surgeons who produce an international standard of results. You may contact us through our website, and we will help you in your journey to getting that improved jawline. 


How would I know if I need Square Jaw Reduction Surgery?

You are a candidate for a square jaw reduction surgery if: 1) You have a wide or angled jaw 2) You have a long or flat jaw 3) You have an asymmetrically shaped jaw 4) You want to have a more contoured face 5) You want your face to look more feminine 6) You want to correct congenital disabilities in the lower area of your face

Is Square Jaw Reduction Surgery permanent?

Although more invasive, the result of a square jaw reduction surgery is permanent because once a part of the jaw bone is removed, it will not grow again. Whatever your facial shape is after you had the surgery will become your face shape for your lifetime.

Can square jaw reduction make me look more feminine?

With a reduced and contoured jaw, your appearance may look more feminine than when you had a square or angled jaw. This is because a wide jaw is generally considered a masculine feature, and having this reduced makes your face look more petite, which is usually related to the facial appearance for females.

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