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An ideal face in Korea is slim and symmetrical with a v-shaped jaw. A face shaped like this brings youthfulness in appearance and makes the whole face look smoother. For the typical Korean, having a v-line exudes a feminine vibe while an angular, square face is more of a masculine characteristic. Having an angular face makes a person look stronger and more intimidating. If you are one who have this problem, then the v-line surgery was made especially for you. Read on and know what it takes to get a v-line face. 

What is V-line surgery

V-line surgery is the excising of the jaw and chin to achieve a smooth and symmetrical face. This kind of plastic surgery is considered as high level because it involves the operation of an individual who has an uneven face shape, thus requiring high precision techniques. It is also risky since the area operated on is close enough to a person’s nerve system in the neck.

If not done right, the patient may suffer from nerve damage; this is why it people who need the surgery are the only ones advised to have it. In this case, only a person who passes the following conditions should push through with the procedure: 

  • Individuals with square or wide jaw
  • Individuals with a flat jawline 
  • Individuals with a long jaw which is not proportionate to the face
  • Individuals with angular jaws
  • Individuals who had V line surgery but the 

v line surgery front and side view

Procedure and Methods

Exactly how does one get a V-line face? Some articles that say you can achieve a V-line face without the surgical procedure by using a V-line mask or a roller. Is this effective? That’s another story to delve in. Here, V-line surgery is a sure success when a reputable surgeon does the procedure. As every individual is unique and has different needs, face contour surgery is customized based on the patient’s case. In simplicity, the procedure starts with a plan or even a 3D model of the patients faces and how it will look like after the surgery.

Then the surgeon will begin with the incision so that he can remove the excess bone form the jaw and chin. After the removal of the bone, it’s time for the stitching and sutures.

There are two kinds of procedures used to achieve a V-line face, namely, the Jaw reduction and T osteotomy procedures; 

Jaw Reduction

involves the removing of the jaw bone at the back of the ear to the frontal jaw bone.

jaw reduction surgery

T osteotomy

 focuses only on the chin area. It involves both the reshaping of the chin and the trimming of the side jaw. 


There are several other methods under Osteotomy, and those are the following:

    1.  Osteotomy cutting T shape for the reduction in width and length of the chin. 
    2. Osteotomy cutting into inverted V maintains the square shape of the chin while reducing its length.
    3.  Osteotomy cutting horizontally is the conventional way to cut the chin area horizontally. 
    4.  L-shape shift method is for when the chin is protruding and too long.  

Why get it in Korea

Now that you know how to achieve a V-line face and how a surgeon does the procedure, I want to tell you why you should have it done in South Korea. First of all, South Korea has gained its title as the “plastic surgery capital of the world” because of the number of thousands and even millions of plastic surgery procedures done in the country in a year. Second, in a survey by Trend Monitor in 2009, it was found that one in every five women in Seoul has had plastic surgery. Because of the popularity of the country in anything that has to do with plastic surgery, plus surgeons are proven capable of achieving great results, foreigners even travel to Korea to have plastic surgery or other skin treatments. 

Not only does Korea have the best plastic surgeons in the world, but they also have the latest technologies for every skin treatment and surgical procedure available in the market. In this way, you are sure that you are in good hands.

How much does a V-line surgery cost?

Of course, getting that V-line face is not possible without the cost because let’s face it, nothing in this world is free anymore. The cost of a V-line surgery is around $5,500- $20,000. The price still depends on the method, technique, and difficulty of the patient’s procedure. There are also instances in South Korea wherein prices for plastic surgery may vary for locals and foreigners.

V line Surgery Information

Since V-line surgery is a high-level surgery, anesthesia administered is the general anesthesia, which sedates the patient throughout the procedure. General anesthesia is a must because the procedure needs high-level precision to achieve the symmetrical shape and avoid the nerve system along the neck. With the patient in a deep sleep, it will help the surgeon work undisturbed since the patient is relaxed and still. The duration of a procedure ranges from 1-2 hours or more depending on the patient’s case.

The patient will need to stay in the clinic for several hours to one day for checkups and after surgical treatment. After a week or two, the patient will come back to the clinic for a follow-up checkup for the removal of the stitches. The required time for a patient to lay low on daily activities is about 1-2 weeks. When the patient has reached the two weeks’ mark, he or she may go about his or her usual daily activities. For foreigners, it is a must that you stay in South Korea for 14 to 16 days to complete the follow-up checkups. 

Pre-op and post-op

Getting a face contour requires preparation before the procedure because there are activities not allowed before you have the surgery. So, you cannot go into the clinic and tell the surgeon to surgically contour your face unless you are eligible based on the criteria of eligibility during the preparation stages. 

There is a specific preparation before and after the procedure. During the pre-op period, it is a must that the patient does the following: 

  • Discontinue intake of vitamins, aspirin, and pills
  • Stop smoking and drinking three days before your surgery
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable to help you recover fast from the surgery
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of your scheduled surgery
  • Take off all kinds of jewelry, contact lenses, and nail polish
  • Avoid eating and drinking anything 4-8 hours before the procedure

On the other hand, post-surgery requires the patient to do the following as much as possible: 

  • Stay in the clinic and rest
  • Use ice packs as it will help in faster recovery
  • Take all prescribed medication 
  • Go back for the checkups 
  • Avoid drinking and smoking for four weeks


To conclude, V-line surgery is a procedure that helps you achieve a smooth, symmetrical face shape which is the perfect face shape according to Asians. Having this surgery can make you look younger and less intimidating. It also involves two types of systematic procedures which include the jaw reduction and T osteotomy procedures. Also, under T osteotomy, there are four different kinds of methods which should only be done by an expert in the field of plastic surgery. 

Since South Korea is known for its popularity in the practice of plastic surgery, it is just right to decide to have the procedure in the country now believed to be as the front liner in plastic surgery procedures. Not only do they have thousands of experts, but also the less costly prices for a long-lasting and commendable result. Just remember that when planning on getting this type of face contour surgery, always follow the pre and post-op so that you will have your desired results in no time. If you have always desired to have the ideal v-line face shape just like most Koreans, have your consultation now to be one step closer to a better appearance. 

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